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Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron Grill Pan, Pre-Seasoned Cookware, Induction Friendly, 26cm, 3.8mm

Price: ₹1,800.00 - ₹1,460.00
(as of Aug 01,2021 21:09:35 UTC – Details)

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Wonderchef Forza Pre-seasoned Cast-iron Grill Pan 26cm

Grill professional looking, mouth-watering, succulent dishes in Forza pre-seasoned Cast-iron Grill Pan. It is most suited for old style slow-cooking. It is highly durable that it will last a lifetime! Comes pre-seasoned so simply wash and start using the product. Take good care and it will last a lifetime!









Superior Quality & Finish

Wonderchef gives a constant and smooth finish without any rough edges in our Cast-iron cookware, which is otherwise difficult to achieve. This is possible only because of our high quality casts and precision engineering.

Health Benefits

Forza Cast-iron Grill Pan is pre- seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. This allows the iron to be in direct contact with your food, giving you healthy dose of essential Iron ions every day! After using, just wipe with a little oil to keep them rust-free.

Retention & Even Transfer of Heat

Heavy Cast-iron retains & transfers heat evenly for the best Kebabs, Grilled Vegetables, Paneer, Steaks, and a lot more. We have specially designed Forza to ensure it is not as heavy as other Cast-iron cookware, and is easy to pick up and use.

Safe for all Cooking Surfaces

It can be used on all cooking surfaces- stove top, induction and oven. When using it on ceramic – or glass-topped cooking surface, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface. It is oven, grill & freezer safe.



Heavy cast-iron retains & transfers heat evenly for the best Kebabs, Grilled Vegetables, Paneer and Steaks, and a lot more
Pre-seasoned interior and exterior with plant oil which allows direct contact of iron with food, thus leading to daily iron consumption
Heavy lid seals in moisture for tender, flavourful dishes.Oven, grill & freezer safe.Gas and Induction-friendly
Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design and adhere to German Quality Standards. They are covered by Reliable Wonderchef Warranty, T&C apply

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