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TOKEZO chillow pad for Rest from Stress, Cooling Chillow Pillow for Summer, Muscles Relief Cooling Pad for pained Muscles

Price: ₹699.00 - ₹370.00
(as of Sep 04,2021 22:57:02 UTC – Details)

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Sleep is important for consolidating memories and getting enough deep sleep is known to help improve memory retention. People living with tension can experience changed sleep patterns and find it more difficult to Sleep a restful night. The Original Chillow is a cooling device that gently reduces body temperature to a more comfortable level for anyone struggling to sleep, making it easier to drift off. Features: -No freezing required – simply just add water -The cool, soothing sensation can help you get to sleep faster -Also works as a great compress for aching muscles and feet -The Chillow’s unique water-based cooling system helps heat radiate away from the body without ever making it cold. Requiring only the addition of water, the Chillow can be Placed inside a standard pillowcase to provide a soothing, cooling comfort for anyone struggling with sleep. How to use it: 1. Add water, re-cap valve 2. Let rest for 4 hrs, roll air bubble 3. Release air bubble 4. Let cool – do not freeze How Chillow works: Chillow works by continuously circulating water to absorb and release body heat. Outer edges often feel cooler as they have not absorbed any heat and are working to radiate it. If your Chillow feels cooler at night than it does in the morning it is working normally. If you want a cooler spot in the morning simply move to an outer edge. Cleaning : To clean: wipe gently with a damp cloth and mild soapy water. Build up of skin oils can harden the surface over time. For hygiene reasons, do not share the Chillow.

A revolutionary product to beat the heat in summer an ideally medicated product to get relieve from excess heat, body ache and orthopaedic issues
Chillow is hypoalergentic, non-toxic and latex free. No batteries or electricity required.
Can Be Used While Sleeping or Working. Ideal For All Age Group People. Washable, Easy Carrying While Travelling.
Once activated the chillow cooling pad will stay cooler that your body temperature, providing cooling, soothing comfort.

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