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Shree Ramdada Enterprise | Ultra Thin 2.4GHz Big Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Kit for Laptop and PC/Built Quality of Wireless Mouse & Keyboard with Combo Kit Competible (White Colour)

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Price: ₹2,021.00 - ₹1,285.00
(as of Jul 27,2021 09:04:46 UTC – Details)

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⚫ Please do not use Bluetooth device and receiver around wireless key board and mouse. ⚫Uneven Interface or interface will cause light inflectionare not recommended to use with wireless mouse . ⚫Please do not attempt to disassemble or carry out maintenance on keyboard either mouse . ⚫Please remove the battry if you are not going to use the keyboard or mouse for a long period of time . ⚫If outsde of the keyboard or mouse is dirty ,wipe it with a dry and clean cloth . ⚫At the end of this product’s life, Please dispose of this product separately in accordance with your local recycling laws and regulations .

2] Insertan AAA battery to the battery compartment. Be sure to insert to the negative (-) end first when inserting new batery.
3] Replace the battery cover, ensure the prong slot into the mouse . Swtch power ON in bottom o the mouse .
4] Take off keyboard’s battery cover from the bottom of the keyboard. Insert 2 AAA batteries and replace the cover. Ensure the prong slot into the keyboard .
5] press any ke on the keyboard to activate it .

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