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NEXQUA Dew Stainlness Steel Non-electric Gravity Water Filter and Purifier With 18 Litre (9+9 Litre Combined) Storage, Includes 2 Ceramic Cartridges and Plastic Tap (Steel Gravity)

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Gravity Water Filter

Gravity filters have two tanks, one on top of the other, with a filter element between them. Dirty water is poured into the upper tank, then allowed to settle through the filter into the lower tank.They use the force of gravity to push water only through the filters, capturing all the contaminants in the filters.High Quality Stainless Steel Water Filter having sleek finish with specially formulated ceramic micro-porous candle made of specially formulated ceramic for utmost efficiency in filtering out impurities. Removes algae, parasites & protects from all bacterial diseases. User friendly.Easy to clean & does not need electricity. Hygienic in comparison to other alternatives.

Benefits of a Gravity Water Filter


The biggest benefits of a gravity fed water filter relates to:

Convenience.Performance.Portability. Gravity water filters don’t require a lot of effort from you.



Filters out 99.99 of all lethal viruses and pathogenic bacteriaRemoves over 200 known contaminantsEasy to clean and care forNesting design makes storage easyStainless steel body is attractive and fits well with most styles of decor









High Filtration Rate

Provide fresher and cleaner water to cook delicious food.

Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa and Cysts

The filter inside the Water Purifier removes upto 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria and water-borne viruses.

Chemical-Free Purification

The filtration process does not use chemicals making it very safe for you and your family.

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Our #1 Rated Product

The NEXQUA Water Filter is the most popular size of their classic filter. It uses a pair of nesting stainless steel tanks and gives you 18 Litres of total capacity.

our product is designed to work with two ceramic candle filter elements.

Flow Rate: Varies depending on number of filter elements

What Attracts our Product

Effective Filteration

Ease of Use

Filter Uses 1 micron Filtration Technology

Highly packable and storable

Styled Stainless Steel Tanks

Durable, easy to move and transport

Pure and hygienic



Prior to first Use, the candle should be sterilised as follows:

* Remove the rubber washers fitted on the candle.

* Immerse the candle in fresh water vessel and allow the candle to soak for an hour.

* Boil the candle for 15-20 minutes (not in the filter container).

* Without removing the candle from the hot water, allow them to cool in the water to room temperature.

* The candle is now ready for use.

* After every 7 days of use, it is advisable to dismantle & clean the candle.

* To clean the candle, hold candle under running water & brush lightly with a soft brush for 2-3 minutes.

* After every six months of use, necessary to sterilise the candle as per the procedure given above.

Holds 9 Litres of purified water. Designed for home use for 6 to 10 people.
Filter Life: Up to 3,000 Litres per filter element. Slow filtration process removes maximum impurities.
The water purifier contains durable and long-lasting stainless steel container which is very easy to maintain and serve you purest drinking water.The water purifier contains durable and long-lasting stainless steel container which is very easy to maintain and serve you purest drinking water.
Economical, low running cost & does not require electricity.Safe & crystal clear drinking.

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