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Krija Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner Brush Dust Cleaning Kit for Computer Keyboard PC Laptop

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Price: ₹599.00 - ₹300.00
(as of Sep 11,2021 08:02:15 UTC – Details)

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✔This Usb Vacuum Cleaner Will Delight You When Things Get A Little Messy Around The Computer.
Never Let Bread Crumbs Or Other Small Particles ✔Creep Down In Between Your Keys And Reek Havoc On Your Computer Again! Tackle All Small, Light Weight Materials In A Snap With Nothing More Than ✔A Sleek, Compact Vacuum Cleaner That Is Powered By Nothing More Than A Usb Port.
Forget Taking Trips To The Closet To Grab A Hand Vac ✔That Is Way Too Big To Reach The Fragile Crevices Of Your Keyboard.
Simple, Few Piece Design Makes It A Breeze To Clean.
✔Brush Attachment Is Great For Dust And Cleaning Out Side Ports And Inputs.
The Crevice Attachment Makes Reaching Those Tight ✔Areas A Walk In The Park.
1. The Mini Size Is Easy To Clean The Edges Of The ✔Dirt On The Keyboard
2. It Is Also Designed For Heavy Dirt And Dust Vacuuming
3. Simply Connect Your Laptop’S Usb Port To The ✔Vacuum Or Computer
4. You Can Keep Clean With Your Keyboard Portable Vacuum Cleaner
5. This Keyboard Can Be Plugged Into The Usb Port Of ✔The Vacuum Cleaner Without The Need For External Power Supply
6. It’S Big Keyboard, Printer, Camera Equipment, ✔Audiovisual Equipment And Office Electronic Equipment.V
It Is Also Designed For Vacuuming Heavier Dirt And Dust.
This Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner Can Be Plugged Straight Into Usb Port ,Simply Connect The Vacuum To The Usb Port Of Your Laptop Or Computer.
It Can Keep Your Keyboard Clean With This Portable Vacuum Cleaner.
It Is Great For The Keyboard, Printer, Camera Equipment, Audio-Visual Equipment And Office Electronic Equipment.

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