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Impex Omega-L4 Light Weight Induction Cooktop Without Pot (1300 Watts,Black)

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Price: ₹2,790.00 - ₹2,229.00
(as of Aug 07,2021 18:45:57 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

Impex offers an induction cooktop which makes cooking easier. The cooktop features a push button panel which makes it easy for you to operate it functionally. This appliance has 7 different programmed cooking modes, an LED display and a ceramic glass plate for heating the cookware. The appliance is compact and comes with variable temperature and power selections.

For a Hassle-Free Cooking

Cook anything you love with ease on this reliable induction cooktop.

Push Button Panel

The induction cooktop features a push button panel for ease of use. The buttons make it easy for you to press and toggle while you cook, thus making it a useful and practical feature on this cooktop.

7 Programmed Cooking Modes

The induction cooktop comes with 7 pre-programmed cooking modes. It includes several options which gives you an effortless cooking experience. This feature is suitable for individuals who are learning to cook for the first time.

Variable temperature and Power selection

The induction cooktop comes with a variable temperature selection for reducing or increasing the temperature to cooking accordingly. It also comes with a power selection for using the power efficiently.

Auto Shut Off

The induction cooktop comes with an auto-shut off feature which makes it efficient to use. When not in use, the cooktop shuts off automatically to prevent and avoid using more electricity.

LED Display

The induction cooktop features a LED Display on the front panel, which indicates the time set. It can also be used to view which cooking mode has been selected.

Ceramic Glass Plate

The induction cooktop comes with a ceramic glass plate that is highly durable. It quickly heats up and also helps in distributing the heat evenly for uniform cooking.

Now cook like a Pro everyday with innovating product from . Its innovation that make the real difference being trusted among customers, Every Meal turns to a feast with OMEGA L4 Induction cooker
Smart and Elegant Design,Push Button Model, over heat Protection and High Voltage Protection and Programmed 7 cooking mode
13 Watt Power Consumption,Auto Shut-Off,Ceramic glass plate and LED Display,Weight Capacity Up to 2 Kg,Variable Temperature and Power Selection
1 Year Warranty

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