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Grand Plus Wave 14 Stage RO+UV+UF & TDS Manager 12 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier (Blue) Across India- 6 Month Warranty BT

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Grand Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier – 12 Liters

Grand Plus Brings to you this water purifier which is a solution to your water purification needs. Nowadays water-borne diseases are on the rise and this water purifier providing you with clean drinking water to keep you healthy and at your best. The water purifier features a Reverse Osmosis process along with Ultra Violet treatment which providing drinkable water. With an attractive design and a compact size, this water purifier can process up to a capacity of 12 litres and can easily fit into your kitchen space.







Works on Reverse Osmosis and UV Treatment

Reverse Osmosis (R.O) is a water treatment process which helps in removing any form of contamination in water by using pressure to force water molecules pass through a membrane. This helps in filtering out the impurities and providing clean drinking water as output.

Ultra Violet Rays whereas penetrate the water molecules to aid in eradicating any harmful contaminants in the water.

Attractive Design

The Water Purifier features an attractive design with a transparent cover and a water level indicator which lets you check the level of water. This helps in refilling the system with water when the water level is low.

Comes with Cartridge

The water purifier comes with a cartridge which must be attached to the purification system for filtration. The cartridge helps in straining the water of impurities and should be changed and replaced on a periodic basis.

Package Contents: 1 Water Purifier, All Accessories are in water tank
Electrical and Storage
After 6 Month AMC Also Available

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