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celeritas Heavy Duty Adjustable Front/Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine/Refrigerator/Fridge/Dishwasher Stand/Trolley with Wheels (Adjustable from 16″X19″ to 26″X32″)(White)

Price: ₹2,241.00 - ₹1,090.00
(as of Aug 06,2021 15:14:59 UTC – Details)

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FEATURES: 1). UNIVERSAL: The stand/trolley can be used for any top & front load fully or semi automatic washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, cooler or any rectangular base object (whose size is between Min. Size: (41cm X 48cm), Max. Size: (66cm X 81cm). It is suitable for all sizes of washing machines like 5 kg, 5.5 kg, 5.8 kg, 6 kg, 6.2 kg, 6.5 kg, 6.8 kg, 7 kg, 7.2 kg, 7.5 kg, 7.8 kg, 8 kg, 8.19 kg, 8.5 kg, 9 kg, 9.5 kg, 9.8 kg, 10, kg 10.5 kg, 11 kg &12 kg …………….2). ADJUSTABLE: Minimum size of ths stand/trolley is 41cm X 48cm (16 inches X 19 inches) which can be extended up to 66cm X 81cm (26 inches X 32 inches). There are four hand knobs in all four sides of the stand/trolley. You just need to loosen these knobs by hand and pull the facing sides in opposite directions. You don’t need extra tools to adjust the stand/trolley (Please see the product images for more details). ………………3). HEAVY DUTY: The stand/trolley is made of 100% metal. This gives it capacity to carry at least 160 kgs of machine weight quite easily. Weight of the stand is 4 kg which amongst heaviest stands in market. Heavy weight of the stand helps in keeping the stand stable when the machine is mounted on it. ……………..4). MOVABLE: Four 360-degree wheels attached to give the stand great movability. You can move your machines anywhere without thinking twice. ……………..5). ANTI-VIBRATION, ANTI-SKID: There are four green rubber jacks attached in all four corners of the stand. These rubber jacks are very useful to make the structure stable at one place. It also absorbs vibration of the machines during washing (in case of washing machines)………………..Pre-Assembled: You don’t need to assemble the stand yourself. It will be delivered in ready-to-use condition. ……………..6). RUST PROOF: The stand/trolley has thick layering of powder coating paint. This prevents it from rust and corrosion.

Length X Width: Min.16 inches X 19 inches (41cm X 48cm), Max. 26 inches X 32 inches (66cm X 81cm). Height or Ground Clearance: 4 inches (10cm)
Made of 100% Metal. Maximum Weight Carrying Capacity: 160 Kgs, Weight of the Stand (Without Packing): 4 Kg (Powder Coated White Paint to Prevent Rust)
Four 360-Degree Rotatable Heavy Duty Wheels Attached for Smooth Movement From One Place to Other
Anti-Vibration & Anti-Skid Mechanism to Minimize Vibrations Produced by Washing Machine

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