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AQUAS water softener for washing machines and Dishwashers

Price: ₹ 1,800.00 - ₹ 699.00
(as of Jul 10,2021 23:14:08 UTC – Details)

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CHERAA Aqua magnetic water softener for washing machines and dish washers. Hard water forms scales and cause corrosion to the machines. To prevent the scales and corrosion, calcium crystals ( the crystals reason for hard water ) should be converted into fine crystals (soft water). Aqua water softener converts calcium crystals into fine crystals making a water sparkling effect . By this the machine will be scale free , it also improves the quality of washing and gives machine a long life. It not only only improves the washing quality but also reduces detergent consumption . When spend too much money on machine why don’t spend a little money too give long life to machine.

Reduces detergent consumption.
Improves quality of washing.
Soften and purify the dust in the water.

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