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ALXIND Pair Silicone Pot Holder Heat Resistant, Oven Mitts Glove Cooking Pinch Grips Glove Hand Clip Convenient Pot Holder Kitchen Pot Holder Utensil Tool (Multicolor) – Set of-2

Price: ₹ 940.00 - ₹ 340.00
(as of Jun 03,2021 21:53:31 UTC – Details)

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Protective Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Set Ideal For Serving, Baking, Cooking Or Handling Hot Plates So Convenient That You Can Use Every Day. Use This Products: To Take Hot toast From Toaster Oven, Pull Out The Toaster Oven Grill, Lift Hot Tray With Cooked Food, Grab Hot Pot Handle, Hold Down Grilled Cheese Sandwich At The End While You Cut It Into Quarters, Lift Hot Bowl Of Vegetables From Microwave, Lift Microwave Potatoes Etc. Perfect For Handling Plates And Containers Out Of Your Microwave. Avoid Burning Your Hands Or Fingers Easy To Store And Clean,Special Design Allows You To hang Them For Easy Reach Perfect For Handling Plates And Containers Out Of Your Microwave. Package Includes: 2 Pcs Washable (Dishwasher Safe). Perfect – Great Buy – Perfect Mitts.

Professional quality potholder; versatile for use when removing hot pot lids; protects your hands from a hot cast iron handle or microwave dish; useful as a hot spoon holder or moving a hot trivet without burning your hand or fingers.
Versatile for use handling frozen items too or as an assistant when removing tight screw top lids from bottles or jars
Protect your hands from extreme heat up to 482 F. Made from food grade silicone material.
A magnet is attached to the mitt, can stick it to metal surface. Magnetism is relatively weak to make it easy to be detached. Dish washer is not recommended to wash this mitt

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