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Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Automatic Shut-Off and Mist Level Control Air Purifier for Home Office Bedroom Baby Room (11 Litres)

Price: ₹ 8,249.00 - ₹ 7,850.00
(as of Jun 24,2021 07:33:00 UTC – Details)

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Allin Exporters 11 L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Allin Exporters 360° ultrasonic humidifier brings moisture-rich air to any room you choose, all year round. You can easily adjust the variable mist control for the perfect moisture level that’s right for your space. This humidifier includes 4 rotary mist outlets, letting you control the direction of the mist and giving you the ability to soothe overall interior at once. Designed to operate quietly, the humidifier provides a cool mist without any distraction from a noisy fan. Ultrasonic technology means that there are no expensive replaceable filters to locate and buy. Simply top off the easy-fill 11 L tank with water and get 24+ hours of continuous operation. If the tank becomes empty, the humidifier will automatically shut off for safety until the tank is refilled.

Humidifier use – in sickness and in health

Maintaining moderate relative humidity(RH) levels throughout the year can help keep your family comfortable by reducing dry skin and static. The best setting depends upon the local climate, as extra-dry areas will benefit from slightly higher settings. Soothes dry throats and ease congestion.

Dual-mist outlets

The 360° rotary 4x nozzles let you direct the mist where you want it to go. Manually adjust the outlet vents as desired, and mist will gently waft where you need it to go. This is a great feature multiple people are sharing the same room, and can also be used to distribute mist more evenly throughout the entire room.

Variable mist output control

Ultrasonic 360° lets you determine exactly how much mist will be generated by the humidifier. Higher settings will emit more mist, faster. Lower settings will emit less mist and lengthen the run-time per tank for water.

Auto shut-off

When this humidifier is out of wat

360 DEGREE DIRECTIONAL MIST: The offered high capacity ultrasonic humidifier by Allin Exporters features a 4-way 360-degree rotary mist nozzle head that distributes humidity effectively and evenly in the interiors. Perfect humidifier for office, living room, industrial and commercial applications.
VARIABLE MIST CONTROL KNOB: It is designed with a variable knob to adjust the mist output to meet your comfort level. The knob can be set between the lowest and highest level to balance the humidity level as per the need of interiors. Perfect for interiors with 60-120 sq. meter area.
11 LITERS WATER CAPACITY: Perfect solution for improving the interior air quality and keeping the home or office moisturized all day or night long. No need to refill the water every now and then. Fill once and relax straight for 24+ hours straight.
AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: Designed with a built-in safety mechanism, Allin Exporters Humidifier Air Purifier turns off when the water level is low or the water tank is removed. Aesthetically pleasing design for uplifting interior’s look.

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